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Presidential Portaits by Molinda Sunde' Parker
The artist whose main subject has always been horses,
decided recently to explore her interest in history and particularly the people who have played a critical role in contemporary American history. Presidential portraits can capture the major events of the time if created through an illustrative style. Therefore, the current, available portraits on this site portray each president surrounded by images that represent not only personal attributes but the issues with which he was confronted. The same format was used in each of the paintings, in order to create a series. The repeated images are the Presidential Seal, the capitol dome, the Statue of Freedom which sits atop the dome, the American Bald Eagle, Air force One and the American flag. These images are slightly different in each portrait. The basic composition also includes placing the facial image on the lower left side of each painting. These too vary in size, view and proportion.
Ronald Reagan
George H. W. Bush
Barrack Obama
Bill Clinton
George W. Bush
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